Existing apprenticeship frameworks are slowly being phased in to improve apprenticeships as part of apprenticeship reforms. The current apprentice frameworks will be known as New Apprenticeship Standards.

What are New Apprenticeship Standards?

New Apprenticeship Standards mean that employers are now at the forefront of the development of apprenticeships and learning.

Some of the key differences include;

  • Employers in the driving seat. Apprenticeships will be based on standards designed by employers, making them more relevant and attractive to existing and new employers.
  • Increase the quality of apprenticeships. An apprentice will need to demonstrate their competence through an end-point assessment to ensure that the apprentice is ready to progress.
  • The new employer-designed standards will be short and easy to understand, simplifying the system.

Our trailblazer

PM Training led the trailblazer group in the development of the new Housing Apprenticeship Standards through the group’s housing provider Aspire Housing, PM Training has a special insight in terms of the needs of the sector and how the new standards can be applied and delivered to maximise the benefit to housing and property organisations.

Tim Edwards who led the trailblazer group said: “We were very aware with the new standards to develop them so new entrants to the sector and those who are furthering their skills did so with a real understanding of the needs of modern housing and property organisation.

“The affordable housing sector employs over 88,000 staff alone and manages over 2.5 million homes.

“At a national level, there are very few organisations who offer delivery of the Housing Apprenticeships and traditionally housing organisations offer more generic apprenticeships such as customer service or business administration.

“With so many organisations paying the Apprenticeship Levy we really want to support an expansion of Housing and Property apprenticeships.”

New Apprenticeship Standards 

We are delighted to be delivering the following New Apprenticeship Standards.

We are a Chartered Institute of Housing Approved Centre 

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