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Recruiting an apprentice is an opportunity to discover fresh new talent, with 96% of employers reporting benefits to their business including increased productivity and output.

We are highly experienced in preparing young people for the workplace and by partnering with us to recruit your apprentice, we can take away the headache and cost associated with the recruitment process to find the right young person for your business.

Our learners are prepared for work through extensive pre-apprenticeship programmes focusing on maths and English, health and safety and employability skills such as timekeeping, attitude and teamwork.

With experience in a variety of construction trades or office experience, we ensure that learners are work-ready prior to starting an apprenticeship to ensure a smooth fit with your business meaning they can start making a difference from day one.

Free apprentice recruitment

If you recruit a 16-18 year old apprentice and have 50 or less employees, the training and assessment costs are fully funded. You’ll also receive a £1000 cash incentive.

Work-ready apprentices

We’re proud to work with young people to support them into employment. Our apprentices are experienced in trades including health and social care, business administration, construction, gas and plumbing, accountancy, joinery, warehousing, engineering, marketing, horticulture and many more.

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