Stoke City legend Andy Wilkinson is ‘blown away’ by PM Training

The Potters’ local hero Andy Wilkinson has been unveiled as a PM Training ambassador, inspiring dozens of young people to succeed.

The defender welcomed the latest intake of 40 young learners to the PM Training centre in Shelton and spoke to them about his career.

He said: “I been to visit PM Training a few times to find out what happens here, and I was blown away by it.

“The work they do here is brilliant, they give young people opportunities to start their careers. I am honoured to become a PM Training ambassador, and I believe that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything. Hopefully I’m proof of that.”

Dan Canavan, Operations Director knows Andy is a perfect role model to inspire new apprentices.

He said: “Andy really cares about the area, and he embodies passion, commitment and hard work. That’s the message we want to give young people, that if you possess such qualities it can take you to the top.”

The new intake will undergo six to eight weeks of taster activities, introducing them to the different apprenticeships on offer.

Dan added: “Everyone at PM Training has the chance to try lots of different activities so they can get more of an idea which apprenticeship they want to do.

“To me, apprenticeships are the best route into getting a career. You’ll spend two to four years learning while you’re earning and working at the same time, and it can still lead to you going to university.”