PM Training helps students to improve lives in Africa

Three Keele University students have enrolled at PM Training for a crash course in bricklaying from the experts.
The undergraduates who will travel to Africa this summer on a volunteering building project, are getting to grips with joints and levelling thanks to bricklaying tutor Ian Stanton.
Andy Wakefield, Giulia D’Incecco and Jack Tacchi will use their new found skills to build homes in the city of Tanga on Tanzania’s east coast during a four week project.
Tutor Ian said: “I am teaching them the basics, along with an overview of concreting and trench building.
“I’ve made up a laminated guide of sand and cement mix ratios which they can take with them to make things a lot easier when they are in Africa.”
Psychology and computer science student Jack, aged 21, said: “I’ve never been to Africa before, and none of us have ever done any construction work so we need the practice.
“We’re going to be living in camps and eating meals consisting mostly of rice, but thankfully our camp has running water and proper toilets, most of them just have long-drops.”