Housing Apprenticeships for Housing Associations

Housing Apprenticeships for Housing Associations - PM Training

Supporting the development of the housing professionals of the future

PM Training is gearing up to support the Housing and Property sector to deliver its share of the national three million apprenticeship target.

Having led the trailblazer group in the development of the new Apprenticeship Standards through the group’s housing provider Aspire Housing, PM Training has a special insight in terms of the needs of the sector and how the new standards can be applied and delivered to maximise the benefit to housing and property organisations.

Tim Edwards who led the trailblazer group said: “We were very aware with the new standards to develop them so new entrants to the sector and those who are furthering their skills did so with a real understanding of the needs of modern housing and property organisation.

“We really wanted to help people get industry relevant skills and knowledge that would equip them for a career in the sector.

“The affordable housing sector employs over 88,000 staff alone and manages over 2.5 million homes.

“At a national level, there are very few organisations who offer delivery of the Housing Apprenticeships and traditionally housing organisations offer more generic apprenticeships such as customer service or business administration.

“With so many organisations paying the Apprenticeship Levy we really want to support an expansion of Housing and Property apprenticeships.”

Now PM Training is stepping up to provide this sector with the skills and knowledge to support the expansion of Housing and Property apprenticeships across the country, based on direct experience of the sector’s needs.

The new Level 2 apprenticeship will last around 12 months and is suitable for apprentices looking to become housing assistants, and the Level 3 standard is suitable for a housing officer type role.

For more information contact PM Training’s partnerships team on 01782 279121