ACS gas training courses cover all the essential knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in domestic plumbing and heating. All qualifications are carried out in the plumbing and heating centre at PM Training, Hanley. The state of the art centre, in partnership with Vaillant, provides a dedicated learning environment and support network to become a qualified gas and plumbing engineer.

Gas Industry Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) courses in Stoke on Trent

There is a requirement within the gas industry that every gas engineer has to be gas safe registered to legally work with gas. Read our blog about ‘How do I become Gas Safe Registered?’

To be on the register the engineer must hold units of competency. These units are valid for 5 years after that time they must be reassessed to be renewed.

The majority of engineers hold core safety CCN1 and 3 appliances, usually cookers, boilers and fires. They will usually renew the same after 5 years, this would be the Reassessment + 3. They may in the meantime take up additional units i.e. meters MET1, this unit would be reassessed individually and would remain valid for up to 5 years as long as the core CCN1 is still valid.

Some supervisors just hold the core safety CCN1 with no appliances. This only shows competence of the core gas safety and pipe work. This would be reassessment core only.
Reassessment rules: Competency units can be reassessed up to 6 months before expiry with the expiry date being 5 years from the date of expiry (like the car MOT). Engineers who have allowed their competency units to expire for 12 months + or operatives who are entering the gas industry through a managed learning programme will need to take the initial assessment.

Initial assessment core + 3£1050 + vat + Cert£1260 + £706 days
Re-assessment core + 3£700 + vat + Cert£840 + £704 days
Re-assessment core only£500 + vat + Cert£600 + £353.5 days
Appliances initial and re-assessment
CENWAT£100 + vat + Cert£120 + £351 day
CPA1£100 + vat + Cert£120 + £351 day
HTR1£100 + vat + Cert£120 + £351 day
CKR1£100 + vat + Cert£120 + £351 day
MET1£100 + vat + Cert£120 + £351 day
APPLIANCES OFFER - ANY 3£190 + vat + Cert£228 + £352 days

The Gas foundation course is 1 day a week for 20 consecutive weeks

The course
The gas foundation course is aimed at candidates who do not have an NVQ level 2 or NVQ level 3 in gas, but would like to get into the gas industry. The course involves classroom delivery of various related topics and practical training. The candidate will be involved in work based training and assessments and will be required to produce a portfolio of work based evidence while working with a gas safe registered installer. The course involves practical exercises and theory exams.

PM Training centre learning
The training here at PM will cover various topics within the gas industry including gas safety regulations, gas safety legislation and appliance testing. There are also a number of practical exercises including servicing, installation, commissioning and maintenance on a range of fires, cookers, boilers and water heaters.

Work based training
Candidates are required to produce a portfolio containing verified photographic evidence of their involvement in relevant occupational activities, these will be signed off by the gas registered engineer with whom they are obtaining work based experience.

Successful candidates will be eligible to attempt ACS assessments covering the units learned, these are: CORE SAFETY CCN1, FIRES HTR1, CENTRAL HEATING CENWAT, METER MET1, COOKERS CKR1 and COMBUSTION PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS CPA1. (From week 20 onwards; candidates can only take assessments on appliances if a minimum number of jobs for that appliance are achieved). After successful completion a BPEC foundation certificate will be issued.

Where could this lead
On successful completion of the Gas Foundation course the candidate will have the status of a qualified gas engineer and then be able to apply for Gas safe registration. The engineer will then be able to legally work on gas either as a sole trader under their own registration number or employed directly by a company working under a company registration number.

PM Training centre will assist with driving the portfolio forward by helping with any difficulties on going through the training.
We operate a first come first served basis. £200 will secure your placement. Flexible payment terms are available over the duration of the course.
There is an option for candidates who are not from a plumbing background to up their pipework skills. The candidate can attend the short duration course covering copper soldering, bending, plastic, hot and cold, push fit, solvent weld waste. This is at an additional cost to the foundation course.

Options for further training from this course are:

• Above ground sanitary pipework and rainwater systems
• WRAS Water regulations
• Legionella risk assessment and water disinfection
• G3 unvented hot water (domestic hot water storage systems)

Course cost
£1750 + vat
cert + ACS

Course duration
20 days

Water systems and service courses in Stoke on Trent

This course is aimed at primarily operatives working in the plumbing industry serving commercial premises such as hospitals, care homes, service stations, schools etc. This course covers legionella risk assessing in a building and disinfecting the water supply. This course is also suitable for private landlords, as there is now a requirement that a risk assessment must be carried out on private tenanted properties.

Course cost
£120 +vat
£65 cert

Course duration
1 day

This course covers the installation and maintenance of vented and unvented hot water systems. This qualification is a mandatory requirement to work on unvented hot water systems. This course is suited to gas/plumbing operatives already working in the industry who will be involved in the installation or maintenance of these systems. The course involves a delivery session, a short written exam, a practical training session and practical assessment.

Course cost
£120 + vat
CERT £48.50

Course duration
1 day

This course is aimed at plumbing operatives and also candidates looking to do the hot water storage systems course. The course covers varied topics within the water regulations, a theory delivery session followed by a short written exam. The operative may then work on behalf of local water authorities.

Course cost
£120 + vat
CERT £54.50

Course duration
1 day

This course covers energy efficiency within the gas industry, how it is applied and calculated and the different terms used. The successful completion of this course allows the operative to sign off certain applicable installations within the requirements of the building regulations. The course involves a delivery session and an exam.

Course cost
£120 + vat
CERT £48.50

Course duration
1 day

This course allows the operative to gain a comprehensive understanding of these systems and the correct installation of these systems. This course is suited to operatives already working within the plumbing industry who are involved in laying drains and installing rainwater systems.

Course cost
£120 + vat
CERT £35

Course duration
1 day

bpec ACS scheme rules

Scheme Rules for the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitting Operatives

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