Become an apprentice and learn to drive

Get work ready, get paid, get a job… and learn to drive with 10 driving lesson packages up for grabs with PM Training.

Simply join us.

Terms and conditions
1. 10 free driving lesson packages are available including up to 10 driving lessons, one provisional licence, one theory test and one driving test.

2. 10 individuals will be chosen at random from those who apply to join PM Training.

3. The winning individuals must still be part of a formal training relationship with PM Training whilst undertaking the driving lessons.

4. If additional lessons or tests are required these are NOT covered by PM Training and will need to be paid for by the individual.

5. If an individual wins who is not 17 years of age. The lessons and tests will be saved until the individual is old enough to take driving lessons. Subject to the individual completing the qualifying period with PM Training.

6. To qualify, all individuals must join PM Training and start and remain on study programme for a minimum of six weeks thereafter. If the individual leaves PM Training prior to six weeks then the driving lesson package will be void.

7. This is only available to new individuals who start on a PM Training study programme or route to an apprenticeship.

8. The driving lesson packages cannot be substituted or sold on. There is not as cash alternative.

9. The offer is only open to people aged 16-18.