Science Technician Apprentice
Employment Type:
From £600 per month
Stoke-On-Trent, ST6 7AB
Closing Date:
30th April, 2019

This role is fantastic if you have an interest in science! With the chance of learning a wide range of skills and experience of working within a school environment, this vacancy offers lots of career opportunities!

Job Role:

The technicians’ primary role is to provide support for the teaching staff within the Science faculty by preparing and presenting equipment to allow practical science to take place.

An experienced technician can add considerable value, especially to younger members of the team, by suggesting activities possible from the apparatus we have to enhance student learning. Technicians generally have a sound knowledge of practical science.

Technicians are often also responsible for maintaining an orderly prep room, testing practical activities as requested, ordering specialist supplies, purchasing consumables required by staff for activities, maintaining all equipment and other resources such as textbooks, liaising with site staff, supporting with cover and departmental photocopying.

Technicians are often also important staff in relation to First Aid and Health and Safety.

• Daily and weekly laboratory servicing, termly inspections and annual clean
• Practical preparation, including materials, equipment, stock, standard
solutions and specimens
• To help organise lessons if the teacher(s) are absent.
• Washing equipment
• Delivering practical resources before/ at start of lesson and collecting equipment promptly
at the end of lessons
• Maintaining an orderly store for equipment
• Organising photocopied resources, worksheets, tests etc and ensuring stationary etc is
well stocked and stored
• Assisting teaching staff with behaviour management calls etc
• Checking equipment as it is returned to inspect for breakages or malfunctions (and
correct) and repair in a timely fashion
• Helping tidy up after practical’s that are potentially messy e.g. Wiping benches
• Ensuring all equipment is clean before use
• Helping to obtain consumables for practical activities
• Maintaining displays within the department
• Support open evenings etc by setting up kit in the correct rooms and putting it away again
the following morning before lessons start
• Maintaining sets of textbooks (making sure full sets, fixing broken pages etc).
• Reporting issues to site staff, behaviour managers and IT staff
• Making sure the prep room is consistently clean and tidy
• Liaising with Sue when cover does not arrive and photocopying of resources needed for
cover lessons
• Ordering photocopying of standard items
• Organising storage of photocopied items e.g. Tests
• Attend all statutory training as required
• Ensure that all health and safety requirements are met
• Provide first aid support as required once trained
• Any other duty as directed by Head of Department or Senior Leadership Member

About the employer:

The City Learning Trust (CLT), a Cooperative Multi-Academy Trust was formed in May 2015 when Haywood Academy made the transition from a Single Academy Trust to a Cooperative Multi-Academy Trust.

What is a Science Technician Apprentice:

This role may be that you are the person who prepares the practical equipment and makes up the solutions used in science labs. The role also includes instructing and assisting teachers with practical skills, including class demonstrations, for advanced techniques across all disciplines.


• Good communication skills
• Good organisational skills
• Familiarity with standard computing packages such as Microsoft Office
• IT Literacy and confident with technology

Personal Attributes: 

• The motivation to work with children and young people
• The ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with
children and young people
• The ability to work in a team environment and under pressure
• Excellent organisational skills
• A good sense of humour
• A calm demeanour
• A perceptive understanding of young people and their needs and expectations

Applying English & Maths To This Role: 

Stock taking, measuring and prepping for practical lessons.

Qualifications Required:

GCSE Maths, English 9-4 (A*- C ) or Functional Skills (or equivalent) preferred

Qualifications Gained: 

Apprenticeship: Laboratory Technician Level 3

Future Prospects: 

This role can help you develop a career in a variety of roles or even give you a glimpse into teaching.

Matching you to the right employer

All applicants will need to successfully complete a work trial before starting an apprenticeship programme. This ensures applicants and employers are a perfect match.

Salary information

Please note the salary for this role is £547 per month for all ages of applicants.