Apprentice Potter
Employment Type:
£111 per week
Closing Date:
30th April, 2018

Global Bisque are recruiting for an Apprentice Potter to join their team based at Fenton Industrial Estate.

Core tasks for this exciting role include;

  • Slip Casting: Cleaning the internal surface of molds prior to filling. Then binding the mold pieces together.  Filling molds with clay slip, draining and topping off.  Releasing the finished product from the mold.
  • Fettling and sponging: After the piece is cast the lines need to be removed a process known as fettling and sponging.
  • Kiln placing: Taking the piece of green pottery and placing them in the kiln maximising space.
  • Slip Production: Using a set formula transforming plastic clay into a usable liquid slip
  • Jigger/jolly manufacturing: Using a piece of machinery to manufacture cups by placing a ball of plastic clay in a revolving machine head and pulling down on a profile tool to shape the cup.
  • Cup Handling: After the cups are made on the machine they need to have handles applied to them.  The handles are slip cast as above and then added by hand to the cup.

Qualifications required for this apprenticeship: Maths / English GCSE’s grade A-C

Working hours and benefits: 30 hours per week

Wage: £111 per week

*Please note that all applicants will need to successfully complete a work trial before being signed up on to the apprenticeship programme

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Global Bisque is a family run business owned by Mark Garwood. It is based in Stoke on Trent and produces Bisque for the Pottery Industry. Bisque can be produced in Low Fire Earthenware, High Fire Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain and Fine Bone China form