Apprentice Engineer
Employment Type:
£800 per month
Rosevale Buisness Park, ST5 7UB
Closing Date:
30th June, 2018

Job Role:

The role of Fabricator at Bennett Architectural Aluminium Solutions Ltd (BAASL) is to ensure the completion of all related products to the highest standards possible in a safe professional manner whilst meeting deadlines. Fabricators are to keep their personal work space clean and tidy at all times including all machines and surrounding areas.

To prepare, fabricate, assemble and store products according to drawings and factory requirements and to load and unload deliveries and complete work on site by exception.

In this role your main involvement will be within the following areas;

  • Pre-fabrication
  • Fabrication
  • Post-fabrication

Accountable to: Production Manager/ Supervisory team


The key responsibilities in this area are;

  • Read and interpret drawings, cutting lists before proceeding with pre-fabrication.
  • Obtain the materials required from stores. (apply protective tape if required)
  • Select, check, open and cut material to the required lengths when necessary and store in the racks/ trucks provided.
  • Ensure excess material is put in the correct place (labelled and protected at all stages.)
  • Mark and number the material (sizes, job No, section, phase/batch.)
  • Machine appropriate items on the CNC machine (ensure all material is of high quality and free from swarf, burs and cutting fluids etc). Label and return to racks, ready for fabrication.


Fabricate according to specifications of suppliers/manuals following all training provided and complete the process Inspection label during all stages of production. This includes;

  • Mark out where parts need to be fitted & holes that need to be drilled/cut out and proceed.
  • Glue, crimp, and clean all appropriate sections.
  • Assemble all items if possible to reduce site labour/costs.
  • Fit shear blocks, gaskets, hinges, stays, restrictor’s, angles, pressings and any job-specific items etc.
  • Apply pressure equalization holes and bead where necessary.
  • Punch appropriate items and fit all thermal break/ gaskets / EPDM/ flashing clips, seals and predrill any loose items for site installation.
  • Fabricators are to provide their own tools to meet the necessary requirements of the job role. (All consumables and safety equipment will be supplied by BAASL).


The key responsibilities in this area are;

  • Apply protective tape and wrapping to all products.
  • Move complete items into a designated area within the dispatch area.
  • Load material onto pallets if required check items are safe, wrapped and cover with cling film for additional protection while in transit.
  • Load and unload deliveries when required.
  • Undertake other appropriate duties required by the Production Manager or supervisory team.

What is an Engineer? 

An Engineer is a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures.

About Your Employer: 

Bennett Architectural are a trusted partner to the construction industry for projects involving architectural window systems and curtain walling. They are currently based in Rosevale Business Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Skills Required:

  • Understand how to deliver excellent customer service
  • Organisation Skills (Able to manage time effectively and prioritise workload accordingly)
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to understand and carry out instructions
  • Hands-on skills

Personal Attributes:

  • A proactive approach to seeking and sharing knowledge
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Awareness of equality and diversity
  • Flexible, enthusiastic, ‘can-do’ approach to everyday work Open to change and new ideas
  • Commitment to own personal professional development
  • Good Work Ethic, Passion and the right attitude to work

Applying English & Maths In This Role: 

Engineering requires Maths skills regarding things like electrical circuits, computer design for new products etc. Depending on what you do in Engineering you will come across different types of Maths.

Qualifications Required: 

GCSE Maths and English A*- C (9-4) or Functional Skills as equivalent (Preferred)

Qualifications Gained: 

Apprenticeship in Manufacturing (PMO) Level 2

Future Prospects: 

Engineers create and build, these are such vital skills in the industry and can lead you onto big career prospects! Engineers can be expected to be paid a good wage which often goes up with experience.


Matching you to the right employer

All applicants will need to successfully complete a work trial before starting an apprenticeship programme. This ensures applicants and employers are a perfect match.

Salary information

Please note the salary for this role is £5.00 per hour for all ages of applicants.

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