Volunteering can be life changing. Whether you want to;

Boost your CV

Meet new people

Improve your health

Increase your confidence

Improve your future job prospects

Contribute to your community

During the last year we helped over 100 customers into volunteering opportunities and more than 10% of these volunteers gained employment after volunteering. Volunteering is a fantastic way to boost your confidence, get your ready for work and for you to access training.

Sometimes our volunteers want to give something back rather than using volunteering to help them get into work. We recognise that everybody is different and we are happy to work with you to find a volunteering opportunity.

We have a range of opportunities at the Aspire Group, for example;

  • Warehouse Staff working at our Furniture Mine Company based in Stoke on Trent
  • Receptionist working at our reception at Mill Rise in Milehouse
  • Activities Co-ordinators to support activities for customers living at our sheltered schemes
  • Charity Money Raiser to support our charity the Realise Foundation
  • Administration and Customer Services opportunities throughout our business
  • Retail work at our Furniture Mine Shop based in Newcastle-under-Lyme

We also have access to volunteering opportunities with other local companies, such as Newcastle Borough Council.

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